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Kresky Signs produces flip-page placard books for hazardous material identification on vehicles and buildings for a variety of agencies including the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and the Department of Defense (D.O.D.).

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- Base Options
- Temporary Placard Holders
- Custom Placards
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All Kresky placard books include:
  • Stainless steel hinges and clips
  • Dura-clip mounting*
  • Finger notches for easy page changes
  • Long lasting thermal cured inks
  • Diagonal page break to protect page edges from being bent
  • Page holes to secure clips
  • Option for up to 17 pages

* The Kresky exclusive Dura-Clip™ mounting design minimizes the nationwide problem of clip loss. The clips are mounted snug against the base plate ridge to eliminate them twisting out. The base plate design allows the clip to span the ridge; a notch in the ridge facilitates easy page change.

Placard Models

Kresky placard books are available in two models: heavy-duty (Standard 8 / STD 8P) and extra heavy-duty (Super 8 / SUP 8P) bases and pages which exceed all competitive placard books. Heavy Duty
Extra Heavy Duty
  • Base plate: .032"
  • Page: .020"
  • Base plate: .040"
  • Page: .032"
Base Options

All placard books and temporary placard holders come in solid or split bases. The Solid Base model fits all roll-up door panels 15" or more in height. The Split Base model is designed for use on rear door panels less than 15" high.

Solid Base

A one-piece placard that fits all rear roll-up door panels 15" or higher without modification of the base. It allows use of the same placard model for the sides, front, and rear of a vehicle and includes 14 mounting holes. This minimizes inventory requirements, as well as purchase and installation costs.
Split Base

A two piece placard, split in the center to allow the placard to span roll-up doors with panels that are less then 15" high, and includes 8 mounting holes.

Temporary Placard Holders

This slip-in holder accommodates tag board, plastic, or vinyl placard pages, and allows pages to be easily and quickly inserted and changed.
Temporary placard holders also are available in either solid or split bases.

Features include:
Solid base

Split base
  • .032" aluminum base and top plate
  • Stainless steel hold-down clip
  • Eight mounting holes
  • Drain holes at each corner
  • White, aluminum, or custom color finishes

Custom Placards

Custom placards are available in the standard 15.25" x 16" or our exclusive, super 28" x 28".

Hazardous Materials Publications

Regulations Hazardous Materials

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