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Closing Notice
Kresky Signs is closing effective February 28, 2018.
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Econoline Signs, Inc.
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Kresky Signs wants your graphics to represent you in the best way possible. We can either use your finished art files or can design and create art to meet your specifications. To minimize your cost and optimize the order process, please refer to the guidelines in the following links:
Color Image Format Font Format File Formats Submitting Your Art Approving Art


To ensure good color visibility, appropriate contrast is necessary.
Color contrast depends on brightness, hue, and saturation.

Examples of Color Contrast

J.J. Keller can provide color matches to your custom color requirements. It is helpful if PMS codes* are provided for the colors in your art. If PMS codes are not available, we can provide custom matching.

* Note: PMS is the standardized color Pantone Matching System that has codes assigned to color shades.
Examples of PMS Colors and Codes

PMS 7597C PMS 101 PMS 293 PMS 806 PMS 354 2X PMS 3060 2X

Image Format

Art for computer cut* or screen printed images needs to be submitted, or recreated, in vector format.
Vector format allows art to be editable, scalable, and separated for spot color reproduction.
Raster format images - if high resolution - are acceptable for digital printing**.

Appearance of Vector vs. Raster images

Vector image
has smooth edges because it is created from paths and points

Raster image
has jagged edges because it is created from pixels

* Computer cut images are typically used for decals for vehicle and fleet graphics, building and window signs.
** Digitally printed graphics are typically used for vehicle wraps and reproducing photographic images.

Font Format

Fonts need to be in vector format or outlined to ensure good resolution.

Acceptable Not acceptable

Vector / outline font

Raster / bitmap font

An "outlined" font is a composite of vector images.
A "bitmap" or "raster" font is an array of pixels.
As with graphic images, vector format produces better resolution.

Letter Visibility Chart
Viewing Distance Minimum Letter Height
100 ft. 4"
250 ft. 10"
360 ft. (average city block) 16"
500 ft. 22"
750 ft. 33"
1,000 ft. 43"
1.320 ft. (1/4 mile) 57"

File Formats

Required formats for computer cut graphics

Acceptable formats (if high resolution) for digitally printed graphics
. jpg


Formats that need to be recreated & reformatted

.doc and .docx are from Microsoft Word; .ppt is from Microsoft PowerPoint; xls is from Microsoft Excel; .pub is from Microsoft Publisher; .msp is from Microsoft Paint; .pmd is from Adobe Pagemaker; .innd is from Adobe Indesign; .psm is from Print Shop

Submitting Your Art

Kresky Signs will gladly design art for your project from virtually any original you supply including a rough sketch or a verbal description.

Our art department utilizes a PC platform, Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4, Corel Photo Print, and FlexiSign, and can read and import files created in Adobe Illustrator CS4 and Photoshop CS4.

When sending art, please include a .jpg file of your art so that we can ensure your digital art has arrived correctly. Click here for information on preparing your artwork.

Your project will be assigned to a representative. Please submit all subsequent correspondence (888-685-2391) directly to the representative assigned to your project.

Approving Art

We will email or fax art for your approval. Artwork will be attached to emails in either a .pdf, .jpg, .bmp, or .tif file. Large files will be sent to you via the online transfer program: You Send It. Files sent from You Send It will have to be downloaded and saved to your computer to view them.
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